Unitate Centrala Sintony 410

  • Model: SI410UK – Sintony control panel 16 – 464 zones, English
    Modular multifunctional intrusion control system for the highest security demands with additional applications such as door control, alarm verification and remote service expandable up to 464 zones and 16 partitions
    unitate centrala siemens sintony SI410UK

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    The modular design with an extensive assortment of functional modules can be adapted to the customer needs and grow with increasing requirements of a high quality security system. Especially for high risk commercial such as shopping centres, banks, museums, industrial complexes and more. Multi partition and multi tenant applications are supported with individual user access rights, keypad partition access and individual transmission account codes. A wide variety of communication options allows for cost-efficient solutions for configuration, maintenance, alarm transmission, control and monitoring using a PSTN, ISDN, IP or GSM (GPRS) network. The macro programming language can be used to implement customer specific applications inexpensively. Complex functions can be implemented using the available functions for linking conditions, timers, variables or control units. The Sylcom� Software can be used for configuration and maintenance of the Sintony control unit. The system can be accessed locally or via telephone and IP networks. Sylcom can also be configured as an un-operated parameter server. The SI410 incorporates a main board, power supply board and transformer. In- and outputs are freely programmable.

    Date tehnice
    Max. number of hardwired zones 464 (144 + 4 x 80 via 4 SAG91)
    Number of on-board zones 16
    Max. number of wireless zones 48 x
    Max. number of outputs 274 (114 + 4 x 80 via SAG91 in parallel)
    Number of on-board open coll. 7 x 0.15 A / 1 x 1.0 A
    Number of on-board relays 1 x SPDT, 24 / 2 A, 1 x DPDT, 24 / 2 A, 1 x SPDT, 48 / 5 A
    Partitions Main, common, sub partitions
    Number of partitions 16
    Number of rooms per partition 8
    Number of clusters 4
    User codes 481 user, 16 visitor, 3 engineer
    Event memory 1500
    Time function 20 calendars on 2 years for actions on input, partitions, outputs and users
    Macro language Optional SAS97
    Configuration Keypad and Sylcom
    Field bus E-Bus
    Interfaces 1 RS 232 (SAQ 11) ; 1 RS 232 (SAQ 18)
    Telephone communicator Optional SML51 (PSTN), SML61 (ISDN), SMV11 (voice)
    IP-Communication Option SMN42 or SMN43 (GSM)
    Audioverification Optional WMA11 for Audio-Bus
    Video function Local cyclical video / picture transmission with option WMV12
    Number of keypads 32
    Remote controls 28
    Number of card reader 64 readers on 32 SMG71 gateways
    Max. number of output modules 3
    Number of verification devices 32
    Tamper protection Front tamper / Back tamper optional
    Mains 230 VAC, + 10% / -15% / 50 Hz
    Power consumption max. 63 VA
    Power output 13.7 VDC / 2.3 A
    Auxiliary power (nominal) 13.7 VDC / 1.3 A for E-Bus and 4 fused outputs
    Battery (optional) YUASA Type: NP24-12
    Operating temperature 0 – +40 �C
    Relative humidity < 93% non-condensing
    Housing protection IP30
    Environmental class ||
    Housing material Steel 1.5 mm
    Colour RAL7035
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 365 x 505 x 133 mm
    Weight (without battery) 8.6 kg

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