Monitorizarea Sistemelor de Securitate MM8000

mssMM8000 – provides a powerful solution for centralised alarm management and supervision of a wide array of security and control systems.

• Founded on cutting-edge software and network technology, MM8000 is designed specifically for safety and security applications.

• MM8000 guides the operator under stressful conditions to perform the correct actions in the right sequence.

• The Siemens family of danger management systems includes solutions for fire and intrusion, gas alarms, access control, video surveillance, extinguishing, and building automation systems.

• The MM8000 Web Services provide support of mobile devices with the Siemens MM8000 Alarms app for reading and commanding events.

• The MM8000 provides OPC Data Access (DA) client functionality for the integration of OPC DA server subsystems.

• Optional OPC DA Server (MK8000) available for external OPC DA client hosts.

Main MM8000 benefits

• System and software solutions specifically designed for safety and security applications.

• Open system structure based on up-to-date market standards in areas of hardware and software technology: standard PC hardware and TCP/IP networks, Microsoft Windows 8.1, 7, XP, 2012 R2 and 2008 R2 operating systems, MS-SQL Server databases, AutoCAD drawing format.

• Flexible architecture that allows solutions ranging from simple single station configuration to complex distributed client/server configurations, including web stations and mobile devices.

• Complete scalability of all configurations, allowing need-based expansion of any system, from small and medium systems to complex and sophisticated systems.

• Personalisation of solutions thanks to broad configurability, including system level workstation and user profiles.

• Specialised interface designed for rapid and accurate handling of alarms in emergency situations: an appropriate guidance is provided to the operator to deal with stressful alarm conditions and to actuate the necessary protective measures in the correct sequence.

• A graphically driven interface that gives clear and immediate management of emergency situations and control operations.

• Possibility to integrate 3rd party subsystems via OPC (generic client) and 3rd party Modbus subsystems via NK823x.

MM8000 features

• A complete security management solution: secure and flexible; fully scalable; extensible for long-term investment; easy implementation and modification; simultaneous guidance and control for the user. The MM8000 is designed specifically for safety and security applications, and offers a simple and intuitive user interface.

Event treatment

• The main screen of the Event treatment area contains a list of the events, such as alarms, that have occurred and require intervention. Events are listed in order of severity from top to bottom, and are colour-coded by type so the level of criticality is easily distinguishable.

• Event lists can also be filtered to display events with certain attributes or criteria. This enables operators to display only certain types of event (for example by category or discipline).

• An event list printing option is available, and the operator can choose to print all or part of the list.

•For sites requiring Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) standards, MM8000 is configurable to handle event treatment in ULC mode.

•Also, during event treatment, MM8000 is configurable to contain procedures that display dynamically animated graphics, use system software such as phone diallers, or event dispatching via e-mail, SMS (Short Message System via mobile phone) or pager, and to use data available, such as instructions, as HTML pages via Intranet, PDF-files, or other external applications.

• Additionally, the event printout option is configurable, providing the operator with portable event information should s/he deem physical investigation necessary, and a report feature can be configured where the operator can note the causes, actions taken, etc. Finally, a Maintenance mode station setting is also possible to keep a separate list for the events that are caused by technical service or tests.

Plant Browser

• This tool enables you to navigate through the various levels of a facility, and manage all the points configured in the MM8000 installation. Navigation is performed with a userfriendly hierarchical tree view of a site, and optional graphical maps. Live CCTV views may also be available.

• It offers easy-to-use methods of selecting individual or multiple objects on which to perform tasks.
Examples for those tasks are:

• Turning a section or zone off or on (exclude or include)

• Putting any point into maintenance mode

• Putting a section or zone into test mode

• Sending access control commands

• Viewing live and pre-recorded video images

• Opening external applications for site management

• Creating and running a quick manual task (limited access to the Scheduler)

• Generating a quick history report on a data point (limited access to the History DB)

• Running pre-defined historical queries to export information stored in the history database

History Browser

• The History Browser provides access to the record of each event that has occurred, including details such as what treatment procedures were followed, when, and by whom.

• Custom reports are easily generated with this utility, with colour-coded event categories for easy identification of event type, and data is easily retrieved for analysis or interrogative tasks.

• The History browser database of stored events can also be configured to be periodically automatically archived so that older events are not overwritten.


• The Scheduler is where time-dependent functions (Time Programs) are defined based on the system time and calendar. Also, multiple Organisation Modes can be created in order to define blocks of time when the system should behave in a certain way.

• During runtime, predefined tasks can be modified, and new tasks can be defined as needed. Furthermore, you can run pre-defined historical queries to generate exported reports for off-line analysis directly from the Scheduler, some of which may be based on reactions and sequences.

Fire and intrusion detection

• MM8000 supports Siemens and 3rd party fire, gas, and intrusion detection systems in a full range of connectivity options to accommodate any type of safety/security solution.

Video integration

• MM8000 event treatment and system management include the integration with video. surveillance, thus providing for effective alarm verification and remote monitoring by means of live and recorded video images.

• In addition to the Siemens SISTORE video systems, other video units including 3rd party such as Bosch video devices, can be integrated in MM8000 software using Windows or Web-based applications.

Access control

• The integration of SiPass with MM8000 allows operators to remotely lock and unlock doors, and to grant access to different areas of a facility. This feature ensures a high level of security with a simple click of the mouse.

More features

• MM8000 offers numerous functions that allow each system to be tailored to fit the individual customer needs. Namely:

• System security integrated with Windows (combined login)

• Advanced graphics including AutoCAD and powerful animation capabilities

• Dual-monitor displays for a combined text + graphics user interface

• Wide screen resolution support

• Macro sequences for building complex programmed actions

• Programmable reactions for creating automated cause-effect mechanisms

• Remote event notification via SMS, diallers, E-Mail, and pagers

• Online help and tool tips

• Object customisation support: possibility to define custom icons, event text, event commands, and other object properties for a custom runtime experience

• Ability to display a map in full screen mode to provide a large mimic display

• Ability to generate history query reports for automatic export from the Plant Browser and the Scheduler

• Ability to print maps from the Plant Browser or during event treatment

• Ability to print filtered reports

• Local and Network-wide interactions on the Ethernet Ports NK822x / NK823x

• Dial-ups available as primary or backup connectivity (in the case of no network or if the network is down)

• External applications accessible for enhanced site management that can be displayed on up to four monitors

• Support of up to 15 clients in total (MM8000 Clients, MM8000 Web Clients or MM8000 Alarms app connections).

• Optional redundancy solution with dual servers to prevent service interruption

• Optional network redundancy with dual LAN for enhanced reliability

• Optional solution for manual switch of client station(s) to another server

• OPC DA Client functionality for the integration of OPC DA Server subsystems

• Optioal OPC DA Server (MK8000) available for external OPC DA client hosts

• Optional Web Services, which allows connecting 3rd party systems to MM8000 (for reading and commanding events) and developing of external applications or apps for mobile devices.

• MM8000 is configurable so that events can be viewed via Internet Explorer Web server. (Display only – no commands can be sent.)

• VMware®/Windows Hyper-V virtual machine support

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